Show Don’t Tell

By Jack | email strategy

Mar 24

See what the clever folks at Apple did with this billboard?

They used it to show, not tell.

Sure, they could have used the ad to tell you, “More photos taken with iPhone than any other camera.” Or “8MP iSight camera with newFocus Pixels sensor, improved face detection and exposure control.”

But they didn’t.

Instead they used this ad to show what great pictures it can take. “Shot on iPhone6”

More impactful, right? Because you can see for yourself.

Can you do the same thing for your business? Yes. Take your email marketing for example.

You could TELL your readers why you’re the best consultant/marketer/author… You could stuff your emails with before and after results and testimonials from happy clients…

Or your could SHOW your readers why you’re the best. You could help them with a problem they’re already having. You could give them a tip that helps them get a step closer to achieving their goals. You could give them actionable advice that let’s them see for themselves. 

It’s like test driving a car. At some point (quite early in the sales process) the salesman ends his pitch and gets you behind the wheel so you can see for yourself.

Use your emails to SHOW why your readers should become clients. Don’t TELL.

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Jack Reamer is a B2B SaaS lead generation expert who focuses on growing his client's MRR via powerful cold email campaigns. He lives (and surfs) in San Diego, California.

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