Jack-ReamerLet’s be honest…

You don’t want to hire an email marketing agency.

You want a money-printing email sequence that sells your product in your sleep.

You want to wake up with 33 emails from Paypal saying “payment received…”

You want to be snow-skiing in Vail while your bank account is growing.

Do I have your attention?

Here’s why most email campaigns will fail to make money:

They try to sell too hard!

Imagine trying to shop for your next car while a car salesman in a cheap suite is screaming “BUY BUY BUY!”

Don’t let your emails scream at your subscribers. Instead, use your e-mail autoresponder to provide value your target customers.

You are not going to like reading this next line…

But the truth is, no one wants to buy your product.


What they actually want is… a solution to their problems.

So try this:

Instead of cramming your email copy with words from a door-to-door vacuum salesman, help solve one of your target customer’s problems.

Now I am not saying to give away your product for free. (Hell, I don’t even know what your product is yet!)

Just start by sending emails that earn the attention and trust of your email subscribers and the sales will follow. (Hint: the trick to sending emails that sell is sprinkling in your “selling points” inside helpful, entertaining emails.)

So… Are you ready to have an e-mail campaign that turns your subscribers into customer with powerful copywriting?

But more importantly…

Are you ready to grow your bank account by transforming your email marketing campaign into a certified cash machine?

Then stop missing out on converting literally hundreds of people in your target market everyday and contact me right now to find out how this email marketing agency can help you put your lead generation — and sales — on autopilot.

Here’s a message that Renee (in above video) received from one of her email subscribers after working with EmailsThatSell.com:

“Btw, your newsletters have been really good lately. I think you’ve done really well making them interesting to read (wanting to read it, instead of delete it because of email overload [or maybe that’s just me…] because they aren’t too long and they’re fun & interesting and well done including graphics & layout) & correlating snippets from your life and linking it with a product. The words aren’t coming to me right now… but as opposed to all the other ones I receive, yours have been just right and for lack of what I’m trying to say better, I think you’ve “arrived” in your marketing in the newsletters. Loved the jury duty one! 🙂 “

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